[Tweeters] "Yellow-Bellied Tit" hybrid at Kah Tai Lagoon

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Hello Garret,
Could the breast feathers be temporarily covered in yellowish pollen?
Note the similar colors for the pollen on vegetation around it.

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> Hello Tweeters,


> I am wondering what people think about the bird reported as a "yellow-bellied tit" at Kah Tai Lagoon on March 13th. The birder posits that it may be a hybrid chestnut-backed chickadee x yellow-bellied tit due to its having the normal chestnut-backed chickadee features in addition to having a yellow belly. I have no idea about the possibility of a hybrid like this occurring, sounds highly unlikely to me seeing as yellow-bellied tits are in Asia, but I am wondering what explanation there may be for this bird having such a yellow belly?


> Here is the link to the eBird report:

> https://ebird.org/checklist/S105173896


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