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What makes this “fun” is that we are looking at a siglne\ photo of a bird that is hunkered in the cold and rain, and a shot from the back, where a photo from the front would make it easy. I note in this photo of an immature Red-tailed Hawk https://www.birdwatching-bliss.com/images/Red-tailed_hawk_juv_back_large.jpg <https://www.birdwatching-bliss.com/images/Red-tailed_hawk_juv_back_large.jpg> the characteristic white “V” on the scalars that I always see on on immature Red-tailed Hawks, but not on the Fir Island hawk, which has scattered white edges. I see the white “V” on Desert Red-taileds in Arizona, and our nesting birds in the PAC NW. While driving I often see the “V” and don’t bother with the bird further. Note too, that this immature Red-tailed has a pale sere. That the Fir Isaland hawk looks rather robust instead of long is perhaps that it is trying to keep warm and dry. A single photo of a bird’s shape is often misleading. Nothing like a singe photo to get us looking at details to discuss that we normally don’t bother with because the species is usually so obvious in the field. Is a Red-shouldered Hawk a big surprise in the Puget Through? I have never birded there except in route from or to BC.

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> My first "guess" at seeing the photo was immature redtail and it just doesn't fit the redshoulder descriptions.


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