[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2022-03-10

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Thu Mar 10 15:47:54 PST 2022

Tweets – Sunny, windless, delightful – except for the 25 degree starting temperature. Brrr. Turned out to be a really nice day, and quite birdy. We got our first spring migrants!

a.. Still 10 species of duck
b.. Wilson’s Snipe – nice looks along near edge of slough below the weir
c.. Red-breasted Sapsucker – suddenly everywhere, drumming, chasing each other. At least 5
d.. Tree Swallow – at least a dozen with some visiting birdhouses, plus 25-or-so swallow sp. at the lake. First of Spring (FOS)
e.. Violet-green Swallow – at least 9 (FOS)
f.. Purple Finch – several singing males, maybe 6 total birds
g.. COMMON REDPOLL – five or more east of the weir on the trail through the blackberries, in alder trees (FOS)
h.. American Goldfinch – one heard singing below the weir (FOS)
i.. White-crowned Sparrow – heard the first singing “pugetensis” subspecies of the spring
j.. Western Meadowlark – Two in the East Meadow, one singing
k.. Townsend’s Warbler – one south of the mansion (FOS)
A late scan of the lake turned up several RING-NECKED DUCKS and a couple of HORNED GREBE. A late stop back at the East Meadow featured a NORTHERN SHRIKE looking sharp just east of the Viewing Mound.

Misses today included Short-billed Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Cooper’s Hawk, and Marsh Wren

For the day, 62 species – our first survey of 2020 with 60+. For the year, we’re at 83 species.

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