[Tweeters] Canada Goose eggs already?

LMarkoff canyoneagle at mycci.net
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Are there Wild Turkeys in that area? And if so, has WITU breeding season started there? (Turkey breeding season has already kicked in here.)

I think WITU eggs look similar to Canada Goose eggs, although I could be mistaken. When I lived in Eugene, Oregon, I had many Turkeys in my yard. One time I found two large eggs on the ground. A friend of mine who raises Turkeys confirmed for me that they were Turkey eggs. I wonder if the egg you saw might be from a Turkey? Just a thought.

Lori Markoff

Citrus Heights, CA

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Dear Tweeters,

Today, the seventh of March, there was an egg lying on the path at Barnaby Slough, near Rockport in Skagit County. I think this has to be the earliest spring date on which I've found an egg of a wild bird. I suppose that this could have been the egg of a barnyard fowl that had been carried here a kilometer or two, but I doubt that.

Canada Geese breed there at Barnaby, and there were 15 of them present today, although none were on a nest. Most of them were chasing one another around and making a lot of noise. The egg looked like a Canada Goose egg; it was lying on the middle of a track in the forest. It had been pecked open by something, presumably a predator. Oddly enough, I had just been reading yesterday about telltale signs that can reveal which critters are taking eggs from henhouses. According to the book I was reading, jays and crows tend to peck open an egg and leave it, but sometimes will carry an egg some distance away. I would assume that a Raven would behave in a similar manner.

Is this not an early date for eggs?

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

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