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Yes regarding the clicking sound and a great variety of other strange noises. I am currently in Green Valley, Arizona, where there are a lot of ravens, and they are regular neigborhood birds, much like how crows now behave in the major Pacific Northwest cities.

BTW: Crows in urban areas is a relatively recent thing. For much of my birding life crows were wary, and not seen much in residential or urban settings. They learned the advantages of city life rather quickly. Now in Portland (which I recently moved from to coastal Washington and Arizona) crows allow one to walk within feet of them, and their urban numbers have become a problem. This is not only a problem regarding sanitary considerations, but also regarding their predation on other nesting birds, such as robins, which no longer are able to nest in many residential settings.

Jeff Gilligan

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> ​Dear Tweeters,


> Today, the fifth of March, a Common Raven was flying around the fields by the parking area at the Samish West Ninety. The Raven was making a call that I don't remember ever hearing before. It was a sort of clicking call. At first, I thought I'd found "something good," but was surprised when the Raven flew by me, then circled a few times, making this odd call. I transcribed it as "Chickita-chickita-chickatik." Each utterance lasted about a second and a half.


> I took a look at the recordings on Xenocanto, but for some reason, my computer decided that I won't be listening to any recordings, so I decided not to deal with that particular tech nightmare. and left it at that!


> Are any Tweeters familiar with such a clicking call of Common Ravens?


> Yours truly,


> Gary Bletsch


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