[Tweeters] Greater Yellowlegs return (Pacific County)

Jeff Gilligan jeffgilligan10 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 17:11:16 PDT 2022

2 breeding plumage Greater Yellowlegs were at shore near high tide at the bight off my Willapa Bay deck. Changes in the bay have been for the better for my location this year. It appears that the clamming rights. owners have killed off the Japanese eel grass and the remaining shallow puddles on the exposed mud seem to be attractive to shorebirds better than in the past. I think they arrived in the past 24 hours. They are probably are failed nesters this early. Fall migration has begun.

There is also an up-tick in Sitka Red Crossbills, that had been seemingly absent a few weeks ago.

Jeff Gilligan
Pacific County

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