[Tweeters] Unusual Osprey

Nelson Briefer nreiferb at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 12:11:06 PDT 2022

11:30 Am
Anacortes- a three minute look at an Osprey soaring and drifting upward and
outward. This hawk had a reddish upper tail. The hawk never flapped. I
walked away from the hawk still in flight. HAWkS in flight - mentions that
an Osprey can have a reddish cast to its tail when backlight. This
particular hawk was not backlit. Initially the raptor was below my
position. This raptor never moved its wing. Nelson Briefer - Anacortes.
Also, the underside, was similar to an adult Rough- Legged hawk, except the
head area was white. I observed from the ridge line above Anacortes,
Fidalgo Drive.NB.
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