[Tweeters] What to do about an injured eagle?

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Tue Jun 21 21:07:47 PDT 2022

Hi Jon!
I assume you tried Sarvey/PAWS Wildlife.

WDFW has a list of rehabs on their website. You can search by county here:

I highly advise only using the services of a licensed rehabber. WDFW really
dislikes it when folks who are not licensed handle wild animals. It's
because they only wanted trained folk doing that stuff. (It's for the
protection of the humans as well as animals.) So that's their list of
licensed rehabbers.

Sarvey probably have someone who can pick up eagles or assess them. They
are closer than PAWS and very well equipped for wildlife of all kinds from
bears to owls. They've had eagles before too.

Songbirds are better at Featherhaven imo but they have a guy who can handle
eagles. I think his name is David. But Featherhaven is a ways south in
Enumclaw. They won't take Raptors but they might handle them, and transfer
them to somewhere like Raindancer in Olympia. Like I said though, that's a
drive of two counties while Sarvey is in Arlington (which means you can nip
over to Oso once you're done and check out how the Am Redstarts are doing
this year).

Good luck

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On Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 7:28 PM Jon Houghton <jonbirder at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi Tweeters - Unusual request:. My son has a badly injured eagle hanging

> around the clearing in a maturing 2nd growth forest on North Whidbey. He

> has called everyone we could think of but no one seems to have the

> resources or inclination to come and take the bird to rehab. Any

> suggestions would be great fully received. Please contact me off line

> (206) 601-0773 or jonbirder at comcast.net. Thanks! - Jon Houghton,

> Edmonds

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