[Tweeters] Eastern Kingbird?

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Thanks for that info. It makes me confident that it was in fact an Eastern Kingbird.


On Jun 20, 2022, at 4:41 PM, Constance Sidles <constancesidles at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hey tweets, Linda reports seeing an Eastern Kingbird at the Fill today and wants to know how likely that would be. The answer is: very likely. We usually get one or sometimes even a couple at the Fill every year. They seem to show up most often in June or July. - Connie, Seattle

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On Jun 20, 2022, at 4:37 PM, Linda Mullen <linda.mullen at outlook.com> wrote:

Hi Tweeters,

I am pretty sure I saw an Eastern Kingbird at the Union Bay Natural Area (Montlake Fill) today. It had a black cap, small black bill, white belly, dark/black back and white at the end of its tail feathers. It was in a dead tree to the east of the flooded out path.

I’ve seen them before, but always in the eastern part of the country. I don’t know what else it could be, but am open to input, unless of course others have seen it and will verify.

Linda Mullen

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