[Tweeters] Anna's Quick Facts

David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 17 17:06:20 PDT 2022

They are RESIDENT not MIGRANT. Females lay two EGGS
They are POLYGYNOUS i.e. not pair forming.
Their original home town was Southern CAL but here the males
call and start displaying probably in December.
In W.Wash both sexes largely live in suburban areas.
Females can start nest-building by January. They tour MALE
territories before they pick a parent for their brood.
These territories might be 100 yards or so apart.
Last year's FEMALES can certainly breed twice, but not always
in same nest. They favor FEEDERS, but use flowers of several colors,
native & ornamental, plus sap, insects, cement & more.
They can be harder to find by July when they might be in molt.
Anna's certainly arrived in the PNW by 1946 (Vancouver Island)
Males are aggressive in mating & territory protection. Have
seen one attack a Bald Eagle in flight Thanks to American Nat Hist Museum
for funding and Garrett Eddy for early study info. David

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