[Tweeters] Mature Golden Eagle (Nelson Briefer)

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If the birds being reported in the San Juans are truly Golden Eagles
(and not immature Bald Eagles) - I did not see them so I can not verify
nor dispute the ID ... but having myself falsely ID'ed an immature Bald
as a Golden ... I have to 'qualify' my response ... I am NOT disputing
the ID directly. Did eBird tag the report as "rare" or "uncommon"?

Again ... if they are Goldens, AND being seen here in the San Juans
and Anacortes areas at this time of year ... it would seem possible
that they are, in fact, breeding here.
Could they have reared young in Eastern Washington and fledged them
in late May and now be here? Yes, I guess that's possible.

... all of this post is "speculation" and/or "educated guesses" ... I
hesitated to even send it. So make up your own minds. If you have
better "intel" please share it.
- Jim


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> Dear birders and hawkers- a mature Golden Eagle over Anacortes, Saint

> Mary?s Church, at about 500 feet altitude. The ventral area was all black,

> also. The hawk was circling, drifting, flapping and also gliding. Nelson

> Briefer- Anacortes.

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