[Tweeters] Little owl in my backyard!

Kellie Sagen kelliekvinne at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 17:14:15 PDT 2022

Hey Tweets!

I just checked my backyard trail cam footage today and I was over the moon to see that a little owl flew into the area where I have my camera pointed and landed on a small stump! This was on May 24th at 4:30 am so it is dark. I have never seen a small owl in the 20 plus years I've lived here! I do not see the "eyes" on the back of the head like a pygmy owl (again the video is dark) but I am surmising it is either a western screech or N. saw whet. If anyone in Tweeterdom is really good at owl ID I would love for you to take a look. Unfortunately, the owl never turns around. It is a long shot, but I gotta try! I have never seen a saw whet or western screech in my life so either one would be AMAZING! I'm attaching the video link from my OneDrive account but if it does not work, please email me and I will send you the video.

Video link:

[https://res.cdn.office.net/assets/mail/file-icon/png/video_16x16.png]Little Owl 5-24-22 @ 430am.MP4<https://1drv.ms/v/s!Apkkimy1AH5NijWkVvaF0YZPRAti>

Happy Birding!

Kellie Sagen 🦉
Lake Stevens, WA
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