[Tweeters] Smoke Alarm Bird ID

Michelle Maani lamoustique at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 14:48:25 PDT 2022

Download the Merlin app to your phone, and then use it when this persistent bird is calling.  I have been surprised to find how many birds are in my area that I could not identify or mis-identified based on my interpretation of a call.  When you described it I thought of a Spotted Towhee, right now they are in full "make all kinds of weird sounds " mode.   Yesterday the Merlin App identified a Swainson's Thrush for me, based on a call I have heard for many years but was unable to identify...not the lovely call we are used to, but more of a sound like a "plink!"  Minutes later I saw the thrush.  I am now an addict of this app and use it whenever I'm out walking. Yes, it has occasional false positives, but 98 per cent of the time it's right.

Michelle MaaniVancouver, Washington
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