[Tweeters] Smoke Alarm Bird ID

Louise Rutter louise.rutter at eelpi.gotdns.org
Sat Jun 4 07:36:34 PDT 2022

Each summer there's a bird (I'm assuming it's a bird) that starts calling
around our house between mid May to early June. It's likely one of the
summer visitors, as all our resident breeders start long before. It makes a
single, high, metallic 'plik' note every 4 to 5 seconds, and it sounds like
nothing so much as a smoke detector with a low battery warning. The sound
appears to come from high in the trees, although it's very hard to localise.
We live on the Juanita hill in Kirkland, in mixed deciduous and coniferous
woodland between St Edwards State Park and Big Finn Hill park.

Does anyone have any suggestions what it might be? If I can narrow it down a
bit, I can check with the Cornell audio library.

Louise Rutter


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