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While the small size suggests a young of the year that would likely be too early to molt into breeding plumage. I think it more likely that it was a late duckling from last year who is slow to acquire breeding plumage. At=;alternatively, could just be a small mature male heading into eclipse ahead of the rest.

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> On 06/01/2022 10:27 AM John Riegsecker <jriegsecker at pobox.com> wrote:



> Last week I photographed an unusual Wood Duck drake at Fort Steilacoom

> Park. It is small compared to the other males it was with, and its

> plumage is all messed up, looking something like eclipse plumage. I've

> asked several people and did some Google research, but haven't found

> much. Any suggestions on what is going on? The eBird list with photos

> is here:


> https://ebird.org/pnw/checklist/S111141324


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