[Tweeters] Help with bird ID

jimbetz at jimbetz.com jimbetz at jimbetz.com
Thu Jun 2 07:30:50 PDT 2022


I've been seeing some birds at my backyard feeder here in
Burlington that I'm not positive I'm identifying them correctly.

They are the size and shape of a Goldfinch - some are considerably
smaller (probably young). They are all over a light gray in color -
including underside, head, wings, etc. I do not hear them singing
or calling (they may be but it isn't obvious like with a
Goldfinch). There are no definable color markings on the wings
or tale ... just an overall light gray everywhere. If I was
seeing them without any strong light - a silhouette - I'd be
tempted to ID them as a Goldfinch or some kind of sparrow.
They sit and stand and fly like the other song birds at the
feeder - with no identifying behavior (that I've detected).
Most of the time they are on the feeder but maybe 30% of the
time they will be on the aggregate below the feeder or in the
flower beds ... especially if it is one of the small ones.

- Jim

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