[Tweeters] Congratulations to Brian and Darchelle on Manx Shearwater

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 10:22:10 PDT 2022

Hi all,
Between ramping up for a trip and having our power out due to electrical storms, Delia and I completely missed the news that Brian Pendleton and Darchelle Worley found and got photos of a Manx Shearwater on the Edmonds Ferry. 
Here is the ebird report:

eBird Checklist - 23 Jul 2022 - Edmonds-Kingston Ferry (Kitsap Co.) - 7 species

Brian's ebird report encapsulated the highs and lows of birdings all in a siingle sighting, as they initially thought Darchelle's photos had failed to find the bird and in lieu of them and had at first decided not to report it.
Having been birding in Washington state casually for the last 45 years, Manx Shearwater must be the resident bird that I've heard the least about, know the least about, have never seen, and now it is suddenly at the top of my wish list. Until this decade I had only ever heard of it being seen on pelagic trips, and I assumed, of course, that those birds were strays with an Irish or English accent.

Everyone should be aware of the amazing, heartbreaking efforts Brian and Darchelle go through to see birds and what an incredible, high-functioning pair they are. Thank you Brian and Darchelle for all you have done for birding and all you have taught me--and Delia--about how to live life.

Thanks all,
Ed Newbold

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