[Tweeters] Injured Anna’s

Hank Heiberg hank.heiberg at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 06:54:08 PDT 2022

Yesterday I noticed an injured Anna’s Hummingbird crawling about our patio. It would crawl up to a flower and drink from it. I took one of our flying saucer shaped hummingbird feeders and placed it in front of the Anna’s. It managed to get up on the perch and feed. It seemed to gain strength and could fly about a foot. Last night it was gone. I hoped that it flew off. I moved the feeder to a table. This morning the Anna’s was back crawling around the patio. Again I put the feeder directly in front of it and it is on the feeder feeding and looking around the way that hummingbirds do. Sad situation.

Hank Heiberg
Issaquah, WA

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