[Tweeters] Merlin capturing a Bushtit

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Thu Jul 14 16:39:40 PDT 2022

July 14, 2022

Hi Michelle,

I visually encountered a MERLIN adult female 'alarm calling' while conducting a Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) Route in WA - June, 2010.

I did three JULY follow-ups post-BBS to determine reproduction.

On one of these three visits, a MERLIN adult brought back an immature (most likely Rufous for this specific area) hummingbird & also a Pine Siskin on the same morning, perched with each prey in its bill to wait for a food-transfer to its partner, who flew by, captured the prey with its talons from its partner's bill, and then flew to the nest to feed nestlings (heard only).

Sooo, what I am suggesting with this described experience is that you may have also witnessed an adult MERLIN capturing a Bushtit to feed to its nestlings.

White Salmon, WA
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