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Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Sun Jul 3 10:29:21 PDT 2022


We officially ended our 15th Vaux’s Happening Northbound swift migration 3 days ago. Since 2008 we've documented how many Vaux’s Swifts we can catch going to roost Guatamala to Alaska. Our Northbound migration average up to this year was 230,230. This year we totaled 801,960. Why so many? Knowing where to look may have a little bit to do with it but it’s mostly the weather.

29 migrations worth of Mother of All Spreadsheets are up on our website. https://www.vauxhappening.org/data/2022.htm <https://www.vauxhappening.org/data/2022.htm>

Our Monroe Wagner in chimney camera shows 5 to 10 wee birds continue to spend the each night inside it’s bricks.

Our boots on the ground has been documenting 100-150 a night at Selleck.

Larry Schwitters
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