[Tweeters] Are lowland Puget Sound winter Hermit Thrushes from the Olympics or Cascades?

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Ed, I wouldn’t doubt if they were like Fox Sparrows, in which our wintering birds are from farther north, and the Cascades breeders winter south of us.

But to quote a greater authority, Birds of the World Says that the Cascades-breeding Catharus guttatus slevini winters from s. Nevada and se. Arizona south into northern Mexico. The subspecies C. g. oromelus that breeds in the mountains farther east in the state also winters well to the south. The only subspecies reported wintering in the lowlands of the Pacific Northwest are C. g. guttatus and C. g. nanus that breed in southern coastal Alaska and northern coastal BC.

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> I was thinking about birds that inhabit different habitat based on the season. Hermit Thrush in Washington live in the mountainous areas of the state in the breeding season and in the lowlands during the winter. Are the winter birds from Washington mountains or from farther north or a mix?


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