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I think your hypothesis is a good one. I've tracked some CBC data in Calif
and Washington. EUCD shot up quickly and, in many places, have now tempered
to half that level. I can tell you that in my neighborhood (Port Townsend)
the small flock is worked by Cooper's and Sharpies daily (though their
numbers haven't really changed). This is one of the theories for the crash
of the Spotted Dove in Los Angeles, which is now all but extirpated.

It is interesting that these natural cycles of the rise and fall of
invasives can take decades.

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> I'm curious whether anyone has information or at least hypotheses about

> the boom then bust of ECD populations. When they first appeared, we were

> all rushing about to see them, then numbers got so strong they became

> ho-hum or even pests. I've gone from having a couple pairs showing up

> daily at my feeding area and a number on my daily walks to not seeing or

> hearing a single one for weeks in a row. We have resident Cooper's hawks

> that have bred successfully for several years (which don't seem to

> recognize Douglas squirrels as menu items). I don't know whether other

> areas are seeing similar declines in ECD populations, so I'd be

> interested in hearing you observations.


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