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Judy, I have observed the same thing in western Washington. They have completely disappeared from several places in Skagit County where we always saw them, and I’ve been wondering about it for a few years. It would be interesting to find out about this in other parts of the continent; shouldn’t be difficult from Christmas Bird Counts. It’s hard to believe that Cooper’s Hawks are entirely responsible, although they do relish pigeons and doves as high-quality food, as do Peregrine Falcons.

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> I'm curious whether anyone has information or at least hypotheses about the boom then bust of ECD populations. When they first appeared, we were all rushing about to see them, then numbers got so strong they became ho-hum or even pests. I've gone from having a couple pairs showing up daily at my feeding area and a number on my daily walks to not seeing or hearing a single one for weeks in a row. We have resident Cooper's hawks that have bred successfully for several years (which don't seem to recognize Douglas squirrels as menu items). I don't know whether other areas are seeing similar declines in ECD populations, so I'd be interested in hearing you observations.


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