[Tweeters] Reminder: Washington Bird List Reports for 2021 - time to send them in

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 28 05:30:00 PST 2022

Hi all -

A reminder that we are nearing the deadline to send in your 2021 List reports for WA Birders annual compilation.

Deadline is January 31, Monday.

We’d welcome life list reports , year list reports, and big day reports from the state or any counties in WA.
Only reporting for a single county or a handful of them? No problem - leave the others blank and you are good-to-go.

I’d encourage you to take part - it is great to see these numbers in one place. You can see the report from previous years here:
http://wabirder.com/online.html <http://wabirder.com/online.html>

To submit 2021 totals, go to this link: http://wabirder.com/forms.html <https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://wabirder.com/forms.html__;!!JYXjzlvb!2zuwkoffN8pv2avYX2V7QfQLZ_D2Xr8LGYF5dnMTrQ1UmYVRCD9O6BruQYXn-b1i-sSm1ZF5ZA$>

For those who have already submitted 2021 reports: Thanks for getting those in!

Matt Bartels
Washington Birder
Seattle, WA

> On Jan 1, 2022, at 3:38 PM, Matt Bartels <mattxyz at earthlink.net> wrote:


> Happy 2022, everyone!


> Now’s the time to wrap up those listing details from 2021.


> January 31, 2022 is the deadline to send Washington Birder your 2021 List Report.


> List Report and Big Day forms are available on the WA Birder website at: http://www.wabirder.com/forms.html <http://www.wabirder.com/forms.html>



> The annual list report is a great chance to look at the community and appreciate all the many accomplishments out there.


> You don’t have to enter details for every category listed, just send in info for those important to you.


> If you are on eBird, almost all the totaling is done for you - just remove the oddball extra species that will count in eBird but not elsewhere [some domestic origin birds like parrots & chickens], and you’ll have your totals.


> I know of many people who have set personal high counts this year in their home counties, and several very high state year lists - it would be excellent receive that info for the overall report.


> Enjoy the new year, and send in the old!


> Matt Bartels

> Washington Birder

> info at wabirder.com <mailto:info at wabirder.com>

> Seattle, WA

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