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Thu Jan 27 17:58:30 PST 2022

Today I chased the Harris's Sparrow reported yesterday on Thomle Road in Snohomish County.  Jon Houghton joined just as I got there.  We failed to find it for maybe 20 minutes and we departed when all of the many sparrows there flew off and did not return.  Fortunately we returned and so did the sparrows about 30 minutes later.  I got a first glimpse of the Harris's Sparrow on the weeds behind the manure pile and then Jon saw it perched on the wall and then down onto the pile where it put on a show for many minutes and was joined by a White Throated Sparrow.  There were all many White Crowned Sparrows and fewer Golden Crowned Sparrows - the Zonotrichia Slam - all four Zono species.  Other "sparrows" included Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrow and Dark Eyed Juncos.  Pictures of all.
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