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Tweets – Again, the weather was not as bad as some forecasts would lead you to believe. It was raining during owling, and there was a bit of drizzle at times, but most of the morning was without precipitation. A bit too much breeze, and a little dark, but not too bad. Not terribly birdy, but a pretty good day for animal sightings.

a.. Green-winged Teal – Probably 40+, including 36 at the Rowing Club
b.. Lesser Scaup – one flew down the slough
c.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – one flying around near the east end of the boardwalk. First of Year (FOY)
d.. Bald Eagle – especially active, causing much consternation amongst ducks
e.. Barn Owl – one seen in the meadows pre-dawn
f.. Red-breasted Sapsucker – one near the park entrance. First of Year (FOY)
g.. Red-breasted Nuthatch – one SW of mansion. First of Year (FOY)
h.. Cedar Waxwing – flock of nearly 20 at Dog Central. While we’ve had CEDW every week of the year over all the years, winter sightings are unusual (fewer than 15 sightings in January over the past 27 years)
i.. White-throated Sparrow – again seen in the flock of Zonos near the cherry trees below the weir along the slough trail
The number of species and individuals singing actual songs is going up.

A late scan of the lake turned up two HORNED GREBE, a RUDDY DUCK, and a HOODED MERGANSER.

For non-bird animals, we had 5(!) RIVER OTTERS ascending the far bank of the slough far below the weir, and a VIRGINIA OPOSSUM on a post at the Pea Patch/Pet Memorial Garden. Also calling PACIFIC TREE FROGS, and the usual EASTERN COTTONTAIL and EASTERN GRAY SQUIRRELS.

Misses today included Ring-necked Duck, Ring-billed Gull, Cooper’s Hawk, Marsh Wren, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

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