[Tweeters] Short Eared Owls - Bayview-Edison Road

Greg Snyder snyder.greg at comcast.net
Tue Jan 18 11:29:49 PST 2022

I drove past E90 on Friday and it really looked barren in terms of birds with lots of water all around. Not only were there no owls, there were no Marsh Harriers, herons, Kestrals, etc. All of these seem to survive on the voles (either by catching them or stealing from others __) which seems to indicate lack of food at E-90 and they've all moved on to some better feeding grounds.


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I went up to East 90 on November 13th and saw 2 shorties and many harriers. Returned the following week and the entire area looked like an endless sea - no shorties, no harriers. With all of the flooding they must’ve left for viable hunting areas. I’ve gone a couple of times since then and they have not returned that I could see. The harriers were also absent when I went back. Wondered if most of the voles had drowned in the sea. 😕

Kellie Sagen
Lake Stevens
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