[Tweeters] info needed for Magee Marsh area

Kellie Sagen kelliekvinne at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 18 10:21:01 PST 2022

I just found out that I too am going to Magee Marsh this year! My husband planned a surprise birding trip for us in early April but after reading about when the warblers arrive at Magee we will sadly be there at the wrong time. He’s not a birder so he didn’t know. We begin our birding trip in New York’s Central Park (warblers galore hopefully) and end it in Austin, TX with the Mexican free-tailed bats! Hope you do get to go in May. Looks like the 3rd week is prime warbler action. I can let you know where we are staying if you’d like - husband has told me it’s not far from the marsh. 🙂

Kellie Sagen
Lake Stevens

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