[Tweeters] re. Short Eared Owls - Bayview-Edison Road

Jonathan Houghton jonbirder at comcast.net
Sat Jan 15 20:52:36 PST 2022

Hi Tweets - Kathleen and I arrived at the East 90 on Bayview Edison Rd about 3:50 today and parked on the shoulder at the bend, scanning both left (west) and right (east) of the road, both areas where we've seen Short-eared Owls in the past. Several other birders and photogs were also parked at various places along the road to the 'eagle tree'. Only many eagles and several harriers were seen until about 4:10 when I sighted a distant Short-eared, well to the west in the direction of the east end of Samish Is. The bird hunted in low flight for a minute or two before diving to the ground and (possibly) catching some prey. It was soon harrassed (harried) by two Harriers - in response, the owl dodged for a bit and then ascended to maybe a couple hundred feet and we lost sight of it. We never did see any owls in their more frequently used area east of the East 90 where it seemed like most of the hopeful viewers were focused. Happy Birding! - Jon
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