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What the perps do is take those documents to one of those Pay Day loan
places and pledge your car as collateral. There is usually not very much
money involved so the Pay Day loan place doesn’t even look at the
vehicle, just the paper. Remember, in WA, unlike most states, we are
required to sign and date those documents, and are required to put them
in the car. That makes it possible for a thief to steal the whole car
and transfer it to a private party buyer.

I think WA is foolish to do it this way

On 2022-01-14 20:19, dan&erika wrote:

> Jon--Be sure to check if they took your car registration. I am not

> exactly sure what they do with it. Also, they may steal garage door

> openers if they know your address from the registration.


> dan


> On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 9:54 AM Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney

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>> Just a note that a group of Birders’ vehicles were vandalized and

>> prowled in broad daylight at the parking lot of the North Mason

>> Schools’ Mary E. Theler Early Learning Center in Belfair. This is

>> the main access for the Theler Wetlands nature trails, and the

>> bi-monthly bird walks hosted by John Riegsecker and Faye McAdams

>> Hands.


>> Apparently, these Vandals (a terrible adjective for these

>> low-lives: the epithet derives from the nice peoples of antiquity .

>> . . just because they sacked Rome in 455 A.D.) were after spare

>> change and possibly personal identification papers - insurance and

>> registration, etc. - rather than stuff they could pawn. A few

>> people had optics and other items in the vehicle that were not

>> taken.


>> My passenger side window was broken out and the glove boxes rifled

>> through. I keep no money, not even change, in my car, so didn’t

>> suffer any theft. But the perpetrators caused thousands of

>> dollars’ worth of damage to 9 vehicles for likely less than $10

>> worth of “take”.


>> In my area, the parking lots at Nisqually Refuge get hit

>> periodically as well.


>> Just a reminder for us to not leave valuables in our cars while

>> birding, and to ensure our car alarm is activated. Or, as one of

>> our company did - leave a large dog in the front seat!


>> Safe Birding, all -


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