[Tweeters] info needed for Magee Marsh area

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Fri Jan 14 16:36:54 PST 2022

Hi Vicki,
I was there last year when the boardwalk was closed, but that didn't
stop the birders - everyone was gathered in the parking lot, peering at
trees on the outskirts.  Standing in place for 30 minutes, staring at
the same 5 trees, I saw 15 species, 3 of which were lifers.  I can't
even imagine what spending the whole day on the boardwalk and trails
will be like!
There are two resources that may be a good start for you - the Magee
Marsh website has a downloadable pdf about the marsh
https://www.mageemarsh.org/ and there is a gift shop that sells bird
lists and guide books that will probably be able to point you to more
resources https://friendsofmageemarsh.org/index.php

Have fun on your trip!
Heidi Belinsky

On 1/14/2022 3:38 PM, Vicki wrote:

> Hi,  A friend of mine and I plan on going to Magee Marsh this May, and

> I couldn't find much online about the area.  I was there once with a

> group, and I didn't keep much information about the area.  Does anyone

> know if theres any books or pdfs, etc, that I can access online?  I

> want to make the most of the 10 days we will be there.

>   Thank You,

> Vicki Biltz


> vickibiltz at gmail.com

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