[Tweeters] trespassing on railroad tracks

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Mon Jan 10 18:31:45 PST 2022

People often don’t realize that the noise from an on-coming train precedes the train by a very short amount of time.

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> The fact that nearly half of all locomotive engineers have, at some time in their career, operated trains which have hit people, known as 'trespassers', on the tracks gives you an idea of how frequently this happens. And it's not just the engineer who's affected. The conductor is the one who has to get off the train and locate the remains. It's really quite sobering, at least for me, and has tempered my enthusiasm for rail travel. Here's a couple of articles about the subject, if you're interested.


> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/11/train-engineers-track-deaths/13929491/


> https://www.inquirer.com/transportation/a/septa-suicide-trespassing-engineers-subway-regional-rail-20191119.html


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