[Tweeters] Anna's during the Cold Snap

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Mon Jan 10 09:32:07 PST 2022

Hi, I live in a fairly urban neighborhood in NE Seattle and have a hummer
feeder on my recessed deck on the second floor of a condominium building. So
far as I know, there are only 2 Anna's at most that visit it. (I'm so
envious when I read about other people having many more birds at their
feeders!) The only time I have ever seen two hummers feeding at the feeder
at the same time was several years ago when it was also beastly cold. I
thought that maybe that would occur again during this last cold snap, but
NOOOOO. The male was absolutely intent on keeping the second bird away from
the feeder. We just saw him chase a second bird away a couple of days ago,
so I assume they are both still alive. I taped a body warmer to the bottom
of the feeder when the temps were below 28 and brought it in every night.
Because the feeder is in a protected area that is generally warmer than the
outside, I only had to do that maybe 4 days. My neighbor upstairs also has a
feeder in her recessed deck, so presumably both birds could feed

Pam Okano

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