[Tweeters] Post snow hummingbird numbers

AMK17 amk17 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 8 09:07:47 PST 2022

Hi Tweets,  

To follow up on the hummingbird threads and snow -
During the snow and freezing temps, I increased the number of feeders, in different locations of the yard with no direct site lines to others, and alternated bringing them inside to defrost, with one always inside kept warm.  There were at least four hummingbirds throughout the snow.  I could hear one at each station every morning and throughout the day.  
All seem to have survived and remain in the area.  Today the numbers are up by at least 2.  Interestingly, there are two adult males that seem to tolerate each other.  The females and young males are quite tenacious and manage to hold their own.  They still get chased out of the territory By the one that has made the yard his domain but also manage to return and feed often, under his watchful gaze.

What a funny game...
Happy birding.
Seattle, Wa

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