[Tweeters] emperor quest

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Fri Jan 7 16:20:23 PST 2022

Today, midday Friday, Inge & I relocated the emperor goose in Padilla
Bay.  It was on the shore of one of the channel islets N of the "12
Tower" turnout  (where the road turns N onto the east side of March
Point; approaching Anacortes, turn at the casino). It then spooked and
flew with a flock of Brandt and landed at one of the northern channel
islets.  It was simple to spot.  Look for the white head and neck.

It was a life bird for Inge but I've seen flocks on Kodiak Island, AK,
their normal southern haunt.

We later spotted a white-fronted goose amoung Canadas on the Skagit flats.

Gusting 40; interesting day.

William Driskell
Seattle WA

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