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Tweets – When I went to bed Wednesday night, the weather forecast looked like God’s warning to Noah. Near 100% chance of rain every hour forever. So I was pleasantly surprised when the rain stopped before sunrise yesterday, and didn’t pick up again until nearly 11:00 a.m. ! Very fortuitous. The morning was dark and breezy though, and Bald Eagles (and dogs in the slough) were making life difficult for ducks below the weir. Long stretches of the morning had no birds seen *or* heard. We did have a few good birds, though.

a.. Eleven species of duck – including three RUDDY DUCK I had on a late scan of the lake, first since 2000
b.. Lesser Scaup – one
c.. Barn Owl – Matt saw one, East Meadow, just after the pre-dawn rain stopped. First in 4 weeks
d.. Hairy Woodpecker – one heard well, but not seen
e.. Northern Shrike – juvenile, East Meadow and then heading towards the model airplane field. First in 5 weeks
f.. White-throated Sparrow – one with other Zonos in the cherries below the weir
The late scan of the lake also turned up our only RING-NECKED DUCKS plus a HORNED GREBE

Our misses for the day included many “easy” birds: Cooper’s Hawk, Northern Flicker, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Bushtit, Marsh Wren, and Purple Finch.

We did not see several of the birds reported earlier this week, several of which were quite notable. New Year’s Day birds reported by Peter Zika and/or Mark & Lee Crawford included:
a.. Snow Goose – large flock(s) overhead
b.. Northern Shoveler
c.. Northern Pintail
d.. EURASIAN WIGEON – also reported 2021-12-31 by John Puschock
e.. DUNLIN – One bird, Peter Zika photograph; it was along the edge of the slough below the weir. First Marymoor report since 2015!
f.. RED-NAPED x RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER hybrid – Peter got photos of this bird too
Peter Zika also reported the COMMON REDPOLLS on December 30th, 2021. I have heard of no reports since.

Our start to 2022 comprised 53 species, but the park list is already at 65+

Happy New Year!

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