[Tweeters] Hummingbird survival of the snow storm

D&J Nunnallee nunnallee at comcast.net
Wed Jan 5 14:10:02 PST 2022

Hello All,

I thought it might be interesting to get some idea of how the hummingbirds
fared during our recent snow storm and freezing conditions. Many people took
extra care trying to keep their feeders unfrozen but it was clearly a
challenge, especially for those who have only a single feeder. We have
noticed a drop in the number of hummingbirds visiting our feeders now that
the snow and ice have cleared.

For our part, we had 4 hummers frequenting our feeders before the cold
weather (2 females, 1 imm male and 1 mature male), and now we see only one,
the dominant male which aggressively chased all others away during the early
days of the freeze. Of course we wonder whether some of "our" hummingbirds
succumbed to the cold, or just moved to some other feeders.

How have the hummers fared in your neighborhood?

David & Jo Nunnallee
Sammamish, WA
nunnallee at comcast.net

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