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Penny plkoyama at comcast.net
Tue Jan 4 15:53:36 PST 2022

Yes, today Jan 4. David and I took a quick trip up to the March Pt area to look for the EMGO. We expected to end up where Jon described below, but decided to scan the area near the Casino behind the Swinomish firework sales area first. We saw nothing but a couple of Buffleheads. But when we were about to leave, a kind guy stopped to ask if we were looking for the goose and pointed us to two birders parked in the RV lot, with a scope set up pointing beyond the RR tracks. The goose was not in sight at that time, but after directions from Mike Nelson and buddy, Dave (?) we hung around a while, walked the wide area beside the tracks for a better angle, and eventually the bird reappeared, mixed in with Brant fairly close to shore.

Mike reported that a Prairie Falcon had been seen in the area, and earlier in the week a Gyr, but we had no luck there, though we did not stay much longer after seeing the gorgeous Emperor Goose.
We did drive up March Point, but saw nothing other than the “regulars.”
Penny Koyama, Bothell

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Today Jan 3, Blair B. and I headed north to build our year lists with the big targets American Robin and Emperor Goose. Both proved hard to find!  Our first stop was at Fir Is ,Farms which was virtualy bird free, but very windy. About mid morning, in cold windy weather, we scoped the dredge spoil islands from the #12 tower on S. March Pt Road with little success.  From there we went to Washington Park in Anacortes where we found many common Murres, a few Marbled Murrelets, but no Ancients or Pigeon Guillemots.  We then left in a wet snow storm and headed north to the West 90.  There, we got out from under the clouds and found a great rain (snow?)bow but few new birds.  En route to the Samish Island overlook, we scored our first target (several Robins in a yard).  At the overlook, we picked up Barrows Golden-eye and Whit-winged Scoter but not much else new.  Same story for the East 90 and beautiful downtown Edison.  We decided to call it good and headed home.  Once on I-5, I checked ebird and saw that the EMGO had been seen about noon on the lagoon behind the fireworks stands.  Not there but we figured, might as well try those islands again. Bingo!  Beautiful bird cruising in now placid waters with a couple of Brant.  Good Day!  Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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