[Tweeters] First bird songs of the year

George Heleker earthman1950 at whidbey.com
Sat Jan 1 10:54:44 PST 2022

Hardly a rare bird, but a significant one for me. The first bird songs
of the year were supplied at our place on Whidbey Island this morning by
an enthusiastic Black-capped Chickadee that sang frequently for more
than two minutes at our home this morning. All songs were of the most
common of the song types found on Whidbey Island from Coupeville to the
southern tip of the island, a four note song with three quick notes on
the same pitch followed by a lower pitched note, reminding one of
Beethoven's fifth symphony. I have heard a few songs from the chickadees
every day over the past week or so, but this little guy really got into
the spirit of the new year with an awesome display of strong songs. With
temperatures in the mid 20's, snow on the ground and at a very dark time
of year, this bird gave a preview of many bird songs to come. Go

George Heleker

Whidbey Island

earthman1950 at whidbey.com
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