[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2022-02-24

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Tweets – The bitter cold (25 degrees at the start, rising to about 35 degrees by the Rowing Club) was pretty easy to tolerate after dawn due to dry air, windless conditions, and SUNSHINE. Not a bad day at Marymoor, but nothing new for the year.

a.. 12 species of duck – including a Ruddy Duck seen on my late scan of the lake
b.. Horned Grebe – one, also seen on my late scan of the lake
c.. Wilson’s Snipe – excellent views of around a dozen along the near edge of the slough below the weir
d.. Varied Thrush – one or two seen
e.. Purple Finch – one or two heard singing
f.. White-throated Sparrow – again, one in the NW corner of the Dog Area
g.. Western Meadowlark – several near the Viewing Mound, with a few songs heard
We had two male HOODED MERGANSERS in a dancing competition to impress one of the ladies. At least one or two NORTHERN FLICKERS were drumming. And Dark-eyed Juncos were singing non-stop.

Venus was very bright and large, predawn.

Misses today included Virginia Rail, identifiable black-wingtipped gulls, Cooper’s Hawk, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, and Pine Siskin.

For the day, 58 species.

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