[Tweeters] FOY Band-tailed Pigeons

mary hrudkaj mch1096 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 22 14:34:58 PST 2022

Just counted 11 Band-tailed pigeons in a bare poplar tree on my south lot line. Usually it's only 2-4 that come back to see if the food station is still here. This is a bit early but they can clean up the uneaten seeds the juncos leave behind if they get hungry before the morning rations are put out.

Last year by late May there were over 90 BTP's here. If the 4 early returnees that became 93 in May is a sign of things to come this year, I'll need to start buying seed by the pallet.

A handful of Mountain Quail come by from time to time but are nowhere near consistant in their visits. If they do I will let everyone know.

Mary Hrudkaj
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