[Tweeters] Birding in the Dominican Republic and eastern Caribbean

Stephen T Bird isseki.ryotoku at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 06:51:59 PST 2022

For eBird
You can look either where the most species have been seen
Or go through and look where the locals are completing the most lists
This Dominican top eBirder lists their phone number and email you could
always text
Jorge Brocca jbrocca at soh.org.do 809-753-1388

Personally I would look up the endemics you can’t see anywhere else, figure
out where to see them using Google and eBird, and start there

On Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 6:38 AM Victoria Moffatt <vlmoffatt3 at gmail.com>

> We are taking a very last minute cruise to the easten caribbean and at a

> loss for birding information. Checked several places on board for info on

> where to bird at the different ports but no one seems to understand what it

> means.


> If there is anyone here who has ideas of where to go or specific hot

> spots. I have checked ebird


> If not allowed on this forum, my apologies

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