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Kris Anderson kmanderson35 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 21 11:03:52 PST 2022

I am really sorry to hear the herons have moved on. Just became aware of it last year but didn't get around to visiting and was planning to do so this spring. Anyone aware of another heronry with similar visibility? There's a large heronry at Marymoor which is amazing to visit, but in terms of visibility there are lots of branches in the way of most of the nests, and not possible to get a clean background.

Sun Feb 20 13:34:29 PST 2022

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The Great Blue Herons that have nested near Everett's 10th street boat
launch may have departed. They were on the pilings as usual yesterday
morning, February 19. A short while later, from the bluff at Legion Park,
we saw a flock of about 40 herons circling north of the heronry. They
eventually headed northeast up the Snohomish River.

This morning no herons were at the nesting site. The Canada Geese that
have a nesting spot there were also gone.

Connie Veldink
Everett, WA
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