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Timothy Barksdale timothy.barksdale at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 08:19:16 PST 2022

The birding community has lost a dear friend through this sad event.

I met Terry Wahl in 1974 by phone and came back out to Washington State
several times in 1975 when I was doing my national Big Year which got cut
short. Stayed up near him if not on a couch.

Pelagics were an adventure in those days and many national birders would
show up for some of the early Westport trips. I too remember one
exciting trip when we had a group of the first- records of Xantus's
Murrelets. Dennis, you were on that trip for sure. Terry had a way of 'not
showing' his emotions when he was truly excited.

When I was doing research for my work on Thayers' Gull in 1976 & 1977,
Terry was very helpful then too with great advice on locations and helped
me dig up a few specimens in Collections.

Later in the 1990's when I began filming birds professionally, Terry helped
get me to interesting places. One in particular was Whatcom Falls, I filmed
Dippers diving and thrashing small fish, gosh- many years ago. That footage
along with many, many other clips were purchased by Cornell Lab when they
decided to expand Macaulay Library from Sound only into Video and images.

So his legacy extends beyond the simple physical into the ether now... each
of us truly touch many lives. Terry Wahl was a gem.

Timothy Barksdale
Choteau, MT and Mokane Missouri
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