[Tweeters] Whither the Snow Geese?

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Mon Feb 21 07:28:32 PST 2022

Jack, on 18 February there were thousands, almost surely tens of thousands, along Polson Road east of Dry Slough Road, W of Conway. The photo ops were magnificent, and I think there were as many as I have ever seen in one view. Some were feeding next to Polson Road, and we were able to stop within 30 feet of the geese and carefully get out of the car while they continued to feed. At one point a whole flock walked across the road, stopping traffic (just a few cars). Many of them were far to the east, making long white swatches across fields and lines of white specks everywhere in the air. It was a scenic spectacle and a spectacular scene.

We looked in vain in the nearest flock for Blue and Ross’s Geese.

Dennis Paulson

> On Feb 20, 2022, at 7:31 PM, Jack Stephens <jstephens62 at comcast.net> wrote:


> I have been fortunate to be able to make it up to the Skagit/Samish flats fairly frequently this year. On Feb 12th, there were an astounding number of Snow Geese up there. I found one large flock and one huge flock on Fir Island, one medium sized flock near La Conner, and a huge flock up by Samish Island. A week later on Feb 19th, large skeins were seen flying over Wylie Slough, but none on the ground between Fir Island and the West 90. I eventually found a medium sized group south of Stanwood.


> My question is, when there are thousands of Snow Geese in the area, but not in the "usual locations", where do they go? Did anyone find large numbers in the area on Feb 19? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks for any and all information.


> Jack Stephens


> Edmonds, WA


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