[Tweeters] Tennessee Warbler stakeout

Steven Dammer dammerecologist1990 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 15:19:25 PST 2022

Hi tweets.

Today I came down to Vancouver in the hopes of seeing the famed Warbler. I
was able to observe it from 1345-1430 between the suet feeders out front
and the backyard. Wonderful bird and views!

For anyone still interested in chasing, the preferred move is to park out
front and watch the suet feeders. I met Erik, and he was very welcoming and
opened the backyard gate for me to observe more. He does ask that birders
do not enter the yard, but are ok walking along the side of the house.
Fortunately it seems as though visitors have been very respectful of his
property and I hope that continues.

Erik, if you're reading this then many thanks to you and your wife for
allowing birders to come see this unique Warbler!

Happy birding,

Steven Dammer
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