[Tweeters] Feral vs. Wild Rock Pigeons

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This link on eBird explains the Rock Pigeon situation:


To briefly summarize, all Rock Pigeons in North America should be reported
using the “Feral Pigeon” option.

Good birding,
Ryan Merrill

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> Dennis Paulson raised a great question about why some pigeon sightings

> turn up as rare birds in eBird. Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) is the listing

> on the basic checklist. If you want to report a wild type, you have to add

> a species to the checklist and select Rock Pigeon (wild type). That is

> considered a rare bird. But how are we to determine what is a feral pigeon

> and what is a wild type Rock Pigeon? There is no guidance in eBird that I

> can find. When should we consider using the wild type category and what

> evidence of a rare pigeon sighting would eBird reviewers want to consider

> when deciding whether to include the report in the public data?


> I think knowing this would be as useful to birders who do not use eBird as

> it would be to eBirders. We all want to improve our birding skills and

> learn how to distinguish things in the field. Any answers from any local

> eBird reviewer who might feel so inclined? Thanks.


> Carol Riddell

> Edmonds, WA

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