[Tweeters] Mandarin Duck - Please Go Away

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Sat Feb 19 15:22:38 PST 2022

I realize one's list is whatever one wants it to be, but isn't it the AOU/Cornell gang that determines what is "countable?" You know, after lots of meetings, discussions, and voting? Just as with our own State Bird Records Committee (BRC), which decides what species will be accepted for state records, and which will be rejected for lack of evidence?

I know their rules are complicated and changing (e.g., you no longer have to strike an exotic species from your list if it has been extirpated from the area in which you saw it) but there are rules for uniformity, and, I suppose competitive comparisons.

So, wouldn't the State BRC be the folks who determine the status of the Mandarin Duck? Or does that AOU make the first move?
Penny Koyama, Bothell

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> > Seems to me, as someone who has worked in natural resource management for my career, that I want an all-inclusive list. If it was seen and properly identified it gets listed.

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