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I was chuckling at the situation for a second until I thought of how I get irritated at the postings from Florida of the "rare" ducks seen in the Exotic Duck Pond. I have no idea if any of them are ever accepted.

Then I recalled a birding friend from Orange Co who described how frustrated the CA listers were when the Muskovy Duck was accepted in FL but not in CA. The local Audubon requested that every sighting of a MUDU be formally reported so the species would be accepted as established in SO Cal and therefore accepted as countable.
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> It is established in at least California. I haven't searched for it but how sure are folks that it is an escapee and not a wanderer from down South?




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> > If the Seattle Times Rant and Rave column were to come to Tweeters, my rant would be the Mandarin Duck. It’s an escaped bird that doesn’t belong in eBird any more than back yard chicken do. Since I subscribe to life bird alerts for King County, I have spent a year deleting email alerts about this escaped duck. It isn’t ABA countable so I’m not sure why so many people feel a need to put it in their eBird checklists. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off eBird alerts for a specific species? There probably isn’t but thought I’d ask in case I have missed a toggle switch somewhere. Thanks.

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