[Tweeters] New Video: Snow Geese Blizzard

RW Hamlyn xtenter at comcast.net
Thu Feb 17 15:48:30 PST 2022

We were up in the Skagit Feb 6 on what started out to be a very foggy day. As we waited at West 90, we could hear the sound of nearby geese. And when the fog started lifting, we found about a mile away, one of the largest flocks of Snow Geese we have ever seen. I shot about 30 minutes of video which I edited down to the 3 plus minutes.
I used the sound of the birds in the beginning and the end, but thought their display went well with some blues guitar… with a little editing of course! This was the most we have ever seen at once… a real thrill to see as well as capture some of it on video! We have been doing winter Skagit trips for at least 15 years. One more interesting note, this was essentially the same location on Bayview Edison Rd where I shot “Dance of the Dunlins” back in 2010. Hope you enjoy the show!

Snow Geese Blizzard: https://youtu.be/QVuM7fFEfB4 <https://youtu.be/QVuM7fFEfB4>

Ray Hamlyn

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